Well, it’s just one season.

Well, it’s just one season.

August 11th, 2007

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“It’s hot. I’m done with it. Can we move on to the pleasant weather?” my boo asks.

Of course, we were just at the Beach, and she liked it there. Oh, I think I made that set ‘Friends and Family’, so get yourself a Flickr account, and ping me to make you a friend. or family!

well. as often happens, the above lines were written with the best intentions of post-age. Oops.

So, as I sit in the living room, CSI:Miami on the tube, the pups hoping to get more nibbles, I’ll say this –

ok. now it’s Saturday evening… heading over to get a nibble soon with Brendan and Raymond. Boo and I gave a hand over at the secret project, and whoa – labor under the sun for friends is awesome, and made me remember the times and joy I had helping Declan at the Waving Goodbye set build. Weee…. ugh… ow.

it’s not murderously hot today, and that’s been such a pleasant change. made being outside good. Met a few new peeps – yay!

Ok. Gonna go and finish getting ready to run out… just the littlest of notes to say “hey – still here – still doing lots and lots…”


dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”