An Ode to MASTECH Advanced Tech. Installer #6985…

An Ode to MASTECH Advanced Tech. Installer #6985…

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“You’re two hours early – you’re supposed to be here at 1”
“What’s that got to do with anything? You want your DirecTV or not?”

So, will Ken at MASTECH find an alternate installer? Will Scott and Boo forgo their DTV addiction because the local service provider for DirecTV has no idea how to help their installers make their customers happy?

What if I hadn’t been napping, when Blue started barking? What if I were at opening day for the Farmer’s Market instead? Would #6985 (by the way dude, if you know my name, you could at least share yours…) have come back between 1 and 5? Did #6985 know I was gonna have him do a great job of installing, with the extra $$ that means?

Well, #6985, we’ll see what magic Ken can do, then it’s a note to the CEO of DirecTV with regards to your poor job performance. Hey – it worked with Staples, and I’m a customer of theirs still.

So, the world turns, I wait… but really, not for long.


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