And the quiet returns…

And the quiet returns…

Current Mood: thankful

Blue’s on the couch in a ball behind me, Canela’s on the floor just out of reach, butt against the ottoman, slowly drifting off to puppy dreamland, where she chases the freshest ham in all the world.

2 hours – 2 hours and the truck is unloaded. The house if fuller – though surprisingly not as full as what I had feared while I helped Ron in the trailer. The 4 guys (chris, jarrod, ???) rocked!!

Oh, and if you’re having appliances moved into a house, you might want to measure the doors to see if they’ll fit through them!

Flickr’s got the pics…
I’m gonna take some aleve… and get to unpacking!!!

Oh what a lovely day – a decent breeze blows through the front window, under which is a nappy Blue dog on the sofa… all is good.



dona nobis pacem