Getting things done…

Getting things done…

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… our mission in life, right?

So, I’m chilling at the nerve-center of HLHZ, and with what few moments of free time, I’m transcribing dates of importance into my new 2007 planner/calendar. I’m also checking out online references to Levenger’s Circa planner, and found an interesting blog from someone who tried to switch from mostly digital (hifi, he calls it) time management through a hybrid digital/analog into all ‘analog’, ‘cept of course the email thing.

Somewhat interesting read, and leads me to ponder journaling about my attempts to be ‘organized’. This time of year is always filled with the excitement of a fresh, blank planner, and all the organization it might encompass. Sadly, many many years of planners later, I’m not entirely optimistic about how much I’ll follow through.

Which kinda leads to the whole ‘GTD’ mentality that places like 43folders and backpack and circa and diyplanner and ‘mindsweep’ (WTF?) offer. Getting things done. I recognize that sometimes I just don’t want to do anything – too much CSI:Miami last night, not enough going through boxes of stuff and throwing it out. Put up the last cabinet in the kitchen? or use it as a convenient place to leave the Tivo remote? Laundry and folding, but not putting clothes away. Ditto on the dishes. I do pet canela and play with blue as much as I can, though.

In my calendar, I’m jotting down the monthlies – birthdays, anniversaries – and I’m jotting down names of people I haven’t seen/talked with in years – why? Am I gonna actually send a card on their birthday next year? If so, where the hell am I gonna send it?

Should I, similarly to the heaving of a stack of magazines that I was gonna read ‘someday’ pitch and heave the data/intel of someone’s birthday, someone I knew? It doesn’t hurt – does it? – to keep the intel jotted down; unless it’s the mental toll.

Getting things done.
What needs to get done? Enjoying life – should be in the top 5. Loving my wife – definitely # 1! Watching the sunset – top 10, right? Taking care of loved ones – top 5.

It goes on and on… perhaps if I were driven by my ‘list of things’ – I’d see things differently. I’ve never really been that driven – I check my syllabus (silly bus?) and realize I have final projects due. Not surprised, but definitely not at the top of my list of things to do. Is being as flexible as I am a good thing? Or does it lead to accomplishments that stretch out into the future – I’ll get a degree some year; go back to Germany soon; visit home ‘more often’ …

Yet there’s signs that at least life continues bumping along – oh, look, a house purchase. Weeeee!!!!! Perhaps it’s not a great way to get through life, but the ‘let’s all go to Disneyland’ model is at least lighthearted.

um, an hour later.
Ok, this GTD stuff sounds creepy – like a cult.
But, it’s about having a process to get things done. Hmmmm … connection? or coincidence?

Finished cross checking my PalmDesktop to my planner – seems cool. Now to make a list or two, just in case I’m gonna do anything!


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