Notes from the blue fringe…

Notes from the blue fringe…

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How about one of those big, human sized hamster balls – the ones the Aussies use to roll down hills. Use that for Blue to go for walks… she’d be so happy, and if you place posts at the right intervals, you’d not need to fence in the yard – she’d get stuck inside the post line!

Sometimes I feel like I help make moron’s look good… but the pay’s respectable. Maybe someday I’ll be the moron that made to look good!

Are you bitchy, paranoid and needy? You too could be an actor!

Canela will not go away… sometimes that’s a not such a good thing (must get her teeth cleaned!)

Is the self flailing class taught by Jewish folk, with the Catholics being the good students who sit up front?

these random thoughts brought to you by the miraculous power of the telecommunications industry and friends named Declan!


dona nobis pacem