Ten Thousand Minds on Fire

Ten Thousand Minds on Fire

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Made it back in good shape from my visit to Alex and Steve, up in the bay area.

Headed out Wednesday afternoon, post SMC bookshop visit, and took a leisurely run up the Pacific Coast Highway. Darkness caught up with me around Big Sur, just in time for lost RV drivers to slow my progress a bit…

Made it to Alameda for a late night snack and bull session, then up and at it at the crack of noon Thurdsay to head out to San Francisco. Much walking and fabulous meandering made all of us happy and tired. Back to Alameda for some Indian nibbles, and again pleasant chatting by the fireplace. Er, no – strike that – by the big magenta fun ball!

Friday morn had us up and breakfasting at Jim’s, then a stroll around Crab Cove on the Alameda shoreline. We headed over to stroll the campus of UC Berkley (where the wonderful Alex will be going to school) and take in the local ‘college town’ sites – quite a nice place to go and get smarter.

Sadly, couldn’t stay the whole day, so I headed south through San Jose about 4 on Friday afternoon – made great time and took the 101 south – very nice drive, actually.

so, 875 miles of drivin’, 17 and half hours (or so) of seat time, so much beauty I just have to cry, and scott’s a happy boy. Can’t wait for Boo to make the trip with me soon…