half way thru August…

half way thru August…

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Where to start?

Was out on my Radian, Ojai-way last thursday, on an look-see to contemplate running all the way to San Fran way… had a great run – really forget how much fun riding twisty roads through the countryside can be – challenging, but fun.
I certainly enjoy the commute to Century City – I roll along Santa Monica Blvd thru West Hollywood and Beverly Hills – decent lane-splitting opportunities there – been doing odd hours and some rush hour commutes – changes the feeling of the ride quite a bit.

I was out and rolling trying to see if it would be plausable idea to ride up to San Fran cause our friends Alex and Steve packed up and moved. Seem to have found a nice place, though.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the sad news that our friend Peter Vance had passed. We went to his memorial and it was quite moving to hear great things of a good man we knew and loved.

School’s gonna start in a few weeks, work’s going well, Blood has this idea that the 30th anniv of the Boilermaker is gonna stand in as the class reunion for the peeps we WANT to see – next Jul 8 and a short 15K run – ok. I think I can, I think I can…

otherwise the pups are happy, Boo is wonderful… and I’ve got to go run to work.