Henry talks…

Henry talks…

Current Music:Social Distortion – Don’t Drag Me Down
and I feel like I’m listening to the brother I always wanted to have.

Ok. So this is being created on my new desktop machine – in front of a nice flat panel… really, all I need is a newer office chair and I won’t have any excuses for not creating lots and lots of content from the comfort of my abode!!

Speaking of comfort, I picked up a Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 from NewEgg; it’s the ergo layout I love, but has a soft pseudo-suede wrist rest, along with a riser attachment that seems to make the keyboard front tilt way up – but it’s pretty darn comfy!!

So I rode the bicycle into work on Saturday, and as will happen when you ride a bike, I had a flat. Luckily it was close to the destination, so I was good on the whole time thing of getting in at the appointed hour. I had a few options, but in the end Boo heroically rescued me (she’s my Princess in a shiny Jetta!) and over the past few days I picked up the flat repair kit I’m sure I have somewhere in the house, and tonight I did the deed and patched and reinflated – 2 hours later, still holding air!!! weeee…

The culprit – an inch long wood thorn thing! Pics to follow.

So, along with the patch kit, I picked up a side stand and a rear-view mirror! I’m ready to ROLL!!!


Strolled through a person’s site on the fall of the Berlin Wall today – it’s under a folder in my bookmarks called ‘inspiration’. Sometimes I wonder why I recall those days, but taking in the snapshots from Berlin on the day after the announcement (9Nov89) left me feeling both awe inspired and defeated – holes in the wall meant the end of a government and a country – how long until we’re seeing the same thing along our southern boarder? A wall for no good reason, and with it the end of a nation.

I remember the drive into West Berlin for the new years 88-89. Jerry Goodwin, I think, drove us. Through East Germany – we rolled during the nighttime, so I didn’t see much, but what I saw is filed under ‘tank training grounds’ in my memory. That, and the young – impossibly young – German and Russian soldiers guarding the checkpoints. I’m sure I looked a lot like them, but thankfully my American ego along with our elitist indoctrination for the ESS allowed me to see them as … naive? foolish? Hmmm… well – still the road trip was a scary proposition at the time, full of the seriousness of our détente. If only we will ever feel that secure in our stalemate with our war on terror, eh?

Oh yeah, so then we took a moment out of our busy holiday weekend and spray painted the wall – as I was looking at the words and sayings marking the sections of the wall, I tried to remember if we left any comment worth noting – being 19 year old kids I don’t think we did – our names, I recall – truly pushing the limits, since the military frowned on vandalism. I was about to write how we missed the whole point, but then – no – we were defacing the symbol of Soviet stranglehold, and in Jan of 89, it was a typical day just like it was since the fall of 1961.

Wow – just spent 15 minutes over at wikipedia on the Berlin wall – 40 years of East German government.
So, the news was interesting today –
Novak says Rove told me.
Bush – no the ‘administration’ prods congress to limit detainees’ rights.
Mass. legislatures table universal health care insurance, and wait to vote on same-sex legislation
Christie Brinkley separates and Syd Barrett passes on
“Bush pays respects to disgraced Enron boss”, along with ‘Lay remembered as straight arrow’
Israel is attacking Lebanon, and India suffered a bomb blast that killed hundreds
guess the tune’s appropriate, eh?
oh well, tomorrow will be a new day, with all sorts of possibilities, and the definite likelihood that Blue will love a squeak toy.