just a few notes…

just a few notes…

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Current Music:Sunshine in a Bag – Gorillaz
a rainy monday morning…
boo was feeling a tad freaked out last night – kinda cute, but I wish she’d not worry. All will be fine, truly wonderful in fact.

got home after working a tad overtime, and then went out half hour later and lo and behold – rain. go cosmic timing!

School’s been a bit brutal, trying to handle the Managing Editor role at the newspaper – lots of indians, no chief to use an old analogy (lots of stock option holders, no CTO??). Finding it pretty rewarding to put in so much effort, and then to get an issue that’s not too shabby!

Think I have a new favorite shirt, on the level of my old Abercrombie sweatshirt! Tasteful black button down, short sleeve. Perhaps some early june photos of me in it if others bring and use photos!

Well, we’re certainly headlong into the path of 06JUN06, eh? And then to have the Omen co-opt the date… how should we take it?

Let’s see – work, school, plans – yeah, that’s been my life recently.
Going through my archive of photos – last 5 years has been pretty cool, and I’ve got the pics to prove it!

I hope all’s well with you and yours.
Drop me a line sometime, ok?


dona nobis pacem