10:30… or so

10:30… or so

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Listening to music… playing with photos… thinking of secrets…

Canela lays uncomfortably in her new doggy bed, for blue’s blue jack toy is under her head.
wow – she was actually sleeping – with her eyes open! damn.

Blue is under Boo’s desk, in her doggy bed – earlier they were in the bedroom all nappy – that was maybe 15 minutes ago.

Happy pups make life good, if you ask me.
Getting toys for Boo (who knows if she’ll use them!) –
Worked a bit at taking on/over the management at the Corsair – seems to be a frustrating cycle of making the same mistakes, not giving enough time to the work at hand, and a general weariness – guess that’s what happens when the work is stretched out from 5 to 11 and later on a Tuesday!

Rode home after the joys of print, and I must say it was a most lovely night – the temp was perfect for my long sleeve shirt with my mesh riding jacket, with just my regular gloves, no need for the insulated ones.

So I guess the ‘other season’ has arrived – tevas and shorts more often than jeans and long sleeves – that’s ok. I’m noticing the season change a lot more this year, for reasons I’m not clear on. The chirping birds in the morning… the flowering of the pretty shrub that Eddie placed at our fence line. Granted, the rains have made the season change a bit … challenging? But, of course, now that I have better rain pants and a new pair of wet weather gloves… we’ll be sunny until next December!

School, work, the pups – life is pretty full at the moment. Guess I’ll run off and do some online school work, but wanted to note the beautiful ride last night, and the very happy pups this morning.

Oh, thought I’d recall my week of times gone past:
Wed – visit Momentum to take presentation test
Thursday – school, continue presentation test
Fri – work & presentation test
Sat – work alone & presentation test
Sun – work & presentation test
Mon – turn in presentation test, visit P. at hospital, take a turn on an Ivory Capital presentation
Tues – get P from hospital to apt,; Ivory presentation clean up; a turn on SCACO presentation
Wed – work
thurs – SCACO presentation along with work afterwards
Fri – work
Sat – work
Sun – work alone
Mon – ???
Tues – school & paper
just for the record.


dona nobis pacem