To write…

To write…

Current Mood:excited
I have a lot of places to write things. Lots of things I write. But does any of that translate into me being a writer?

Let’s see what I jotted down most recently in my spiral notecard book (thanks shari) –
“4:05pm Sunday 5th Feb 06
AMC 20
Rolling Hills – Alone. Again. WTF
My magnificent self is pissed”

Hmmm – guess there’s a bit of self loathing there, eh?

I had tried to make it to hang with the T-dog for the game; Boo had other desires.
Sadly, when I rang T-dog it turned out he was hanging in the OC with buddies, and wouldn’t be where I was headed. Doh!

So I choose instead to follow a well-worn path and go see a movie, even to the extent of the old stomping grounds in the South Bay. I choose Underworld II: Evolution.
Can’t say it’s great, but it amused me. Odd choices in some stuff… I think the number of kids at an R-rated flick was amazing – oh well, not my preference.

Made some choices tonight – I’m back to school come next Tuesday. Gonna work on the school newspaper – that scares me a bit. Also gonna do a poli sci class, and another computer programs class.

Worked some magic on one of our computer boxes… and hopefully it will be a tune spinning MACHINE!!! for the next few … er… days? I don’t have much faith, to tell ya the truth.

dona nobis pacem