Current Mood: optimistic
but not quite winter. er… actually, quite nice here, but disjointing in the fact that it was cold and dark two weeks ago, and it’s sunny and nice now. I blame it on travel!

Speaking of which, here’s the first group of pics from our Orlando jaunt. No captions cause I was lazy, but I’ll work on it.

Work. School is working out fine – I’m learning a lot. I have to pause and consider that from time to time – like last night when ‘jump to baseline’ was exposed to me for the first time. Wow – I like it when technology makes your life easier, and all I need now is  a good gig at a print shop so I can get my bleed and slug on, and throw down some bad-ass baseline jumping!!! Woot!!

But then again, how’s my XHTML going, you ask? Fine – got through frames and realized their power, and now we’re onto tables, and just a short chapter away from CSS. I feel the power.

Journo is the biggest challenge… and that I am sure says something.

Hung out with Declan some this week and have to accept that I’m not too shabby around the wood shop. Pleasantly surprising, that. Now all I want is a shop to make things!!! Creation, or at least assembly, is cool.

Speaking of which, keep your fingers crossed for the chance that Waving Goodbye will get an Ovation award for set design. We’ll also think good thoughts for Papa over at The Fist…

Boo made it through October is fine form, what with nice toys, a nice trip, and great friends to help her. Yay Boo!!!

The pups continue to rock, and Boo might have to leak the news about Zuma, but I’ll let her be the excited one.

And there ya go. A brief update. Let’s see how the next few weeks go and I’ll share the good stuff with ya!