Lost kinda rocks…

Lost kinda rocks…

September 8th, 2005
Current Mood:impressed
Yet another reason TiVo rocks – caught a very good episode last week chillin’ with t-dog and John. rolled in to home tonight after my Journo class (can I just share with ya how much I really like riding my motorcycle? It’s really really really … good!) and I had two episodes on the TiVo.

Very very good show, that Lost. First episode was kinda cool – got me thinking about wedding vows and my blood type; a random tangent is the survivor mentality and functionality that Lost has in spades, and how that applies to the Katrina chaos.

Found out tonight that the periodical Utne Reader is named after the founding editor!

So, what is this island that they are Lost on? a way point? purgatory? Heaven?

a minor inside comment here – but that Jack is so dreamy! ha ha ha ….

Uh… well. there ya go – nothing stunning – I try not to go there. Just some gently typing of things rattling in my mind.

I hope we learn; I hope we actually take the moment to plan and prepare. Probably won’t be able to take the TiVo with us, where you can learn all sorts of things.

Gay marriage in California – now that’s more like it! Too bad the Governator doesn’t have the balls to take the lead in civilized behavior – though not at all shocking.

Family values – people who are different from us are bad!!!