You know, when you wear a mesh jacket…

You know, when you wear a mesh jacket…

September 1st, 2005
Current Mood:good
and head home after midnight, and you’re at the beach.

was a bit refreshing – yeah, that’s the ticket.

tonight I’ll grab the ‘rain jacket’ to keep the breeze away.

Schooling last night was good – not only was the ride fun, but I get to park for free! yay!
and on the way to T-dog’s place, paid 2.929 a gallon for regular, put 2.291 gallons in, and noted 95.7 miles on the trip meter – which Microsquish Calculator says is 41.772151898734177215189873417722 miles to the gallon. Not too bad.

off to learn some graphic design truths – wish me well!