Hydrocodone, how do I love thee?

Hydrocodone, how do I love thee?

June 19th, 2005
Current Mood:toasty
Let me count the ways…
The truth of the matter is that it may or may not deal with the actual pain, but after a blissful 6 hour nap, I awoke to the fabulous truth that I just don’t care about any of my aches and pains! Wrapped in warm cotton candy, a stupid half grin on my face…

Other news from the front includes the truth that Marty & Kate bestowed upon me the title “Assistant Technical Director” for their great show – Waving Goodbye. Uh, I’m still in the denial phase, but I guess the truth is I helped a good deal. Just don’t know how to take the complement graciously, I guess.

With my Northern Exposure glass in hand as I type this, I ponder why I choose ‘WSAR’ radio as my call sign for my DJ audition tape for broadcasting3A. What about KBHR??? You’d think I’d give it half a chance… but no – went straight to “W-S-A-R – 121.5 FM” – an homage for sure, but so obscure – who in the modern world will notice? Certainly not the professor.

damn. just wrote some great stuff and it went away. Crap.