Even after years… you can leave an impression.

Even after years… you can leave an impression.

May 5th, 2005
Current Mood: good
Current Music:sounds of lexington ave
Say, being the world weary traveler who is probably Syracuse Int’l ‘one a day’ security search person. As my sister and mom look on… a bit aghast, I do believe.

Any metal?
Are you sure?
walk thru … beeeeeeep … step to the side, please “Male search at 1” she said.

Uh, my wallet. really, that’s all I have on me and my soda cup. Hmmm… oh, and a packet of ‘personal drugs’ – you know, a packet or two or tylenol, and one or two packets of advil sinus. Some ear plugs… wha??? the foil packets of the single dose drugs can set off an airport metal detector? Who knew…

Now you do. Learn, grasshopper. That will make you wise!!!


at least I got back to Boo, and that’s what matters.