from scraps of paper I’ve used while in Raleigh…

from scraps of paper I’ve used while in Raleigh…

January 29th, 2005
Current Music:Annie Lenox – White Birds
smokey toast
inflatable oddities

7:58pm Eastern Dark Time.
Three Swedish students off to LA and the west- a stop in Vegas – they’ll have fun says the steward.

I’m jacked into my tunes – I’m lappy toppying it at 35,000 feet above the red states.
My life is transit – not in transit. Where will I go next? perhaps I’ll make good on my desires. Make a manifest for Scott – get with it, young man. so much to do and see and say and experience.
Go intern somewhere – ask for what I want – jobs where I’m going to learn and explore.
go to school and learn how to do things the right way.
Use a 6 am wake up to ring my mom – saving minutes, and getting her publisher skills rocking.

A week in Raleigh. Time in Durham – cool people Melissa and Michelle. A bit sickly the last few days – but then again Zachary the snot monster was licking his palms and smacking the high fives!!
We went bowling and had way too much fun. Go bumpers.
We went to the nature and science museum and I saw a lunar lander mockup – damn the thing’s big.
We went on a train ride and I didn’t die of hypothermia.

I’m reading good articles on bikes.
Suzuki is offering 99/month for 60 months… yay
I don’t want to be exactly where I am – I want to move forward.

Was sleeping in the quietness of an american suburban home what helps? is my chaotic neighborhood causing me harm?

I really dig their calypso washer / dryer – even though it’s top load – and the front door of the dryer acts as a catch for when you’re pulling things out or throwing them into the dryer.
Kitchenaid stainless steel interior extra quiet dishwasher rocks.

Location versus situation. Can’t be a web guru in Upstate – no one there to impress. But in LA, it’s a tough racket.

Books on U2’s stage craft; Opus’s 25th anniversary; Monks who train dogs; not thinking of an elephant; and ted’s take on the gas war in Afghanistan.

I made alicia smile, made her know I was thinking of her. It also made me smile too – I like expressing.

So. Where to next?