odd, isn’t it?

odd, isn’t it?

January 8th, 2005
Current Mood:thirsty
Current Music:The glorious sounds of Warcraft
You spend, oh, 10 hours or so milling about on a damp day, and when you get home you realize you’re incredibly thirsty for a glass of water.


Hopefully I’ll get an album up of photos from Barbara’s new place – with the furniture in, the paint done, and a happy homeowner, the place is looking good!


off to drink while taking a hot shower. Perhaps a nap will happen soon.



ps – did I mention my fabulous drive home tonight? Let’s see – here’s the rundown:
– I passed 1 bad accident on the Southbound 2
– a car stopped on the right side shoulder being attended to by a tow truck as I merged onto the 134 East
– about a mile up from the car on the right was a car stalled in the carpool lane, with the driver standing up on the Jersey barrier right next to the car
– maybe another half mile and a 2nd stalled car in the carpool lane
Adding insult to injury, so to speak, the car immediately behind me, but in the lane to the left of me decided he’d like to park in the carpool lane too – what I saw was a flash from his headlights, I glanced in my sideview to see his car sideways, and he ended up nose first into the center divider… didn’t happen to see if anyone ran into him sideways or not, but wow. though it’s a serious weather system parked on top of us, such enthusiasticly bad driving is impressive. I trundled home with the Amigo in 4WD and am quite content not to have been the fastest fool on the highway tonight.