It’s good to have life make you go ‘wow….’ in the first week of the new year

It’s good to have life make you go ‘wow….’ in the first week of the new year

January 6th, 2005
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every once in a while I catch a film and am left feeling truly impressed. I recall watching Elephant while I was back in Yorkville this past summer. Not necessarily a feel good hit of the summer, but I was left feeling like I had seen a truly impressive piece of cinema.

Just watched a movie called The Indian Runner – wow. Um, stars would be the wrong word, but back in 1991, the future King of Men, aka Aragorn, aka Viggo Mortensen was doing a little work on a film directed by Sean Penn. Uh… wow. I think IMDB nails it by saying ‘an intensely sad film’ – but all I can say is I missed it when it was in the theaters, and it certainly has aged well…

Saw The Cooler earlier, also very impressed – good film, good story, great actors – but I had heard good things about the film, so my level of impressiveness isn’t as extreme.

Speaking of impressive things, Trillian has a way cool trick it does with instant messaging – it incorporates Wikipedia entries for words that are typed in. Hard to give a good example, but go ahead, download it and you’ll see what I’m saying.

Also impressive is how loudly my doggie snores. Not MickeyMatt loud, but still noticeable. She seems happy, I think she’s off chasing her dream squirrels. Yay canela!

Ok. Wanted to post on the Indian Runner – guess I’ll have to TiVo it for Alicia… she’s a fan of the Vigster.
Hope everyone’s having a good year so far. We’ve been productive – almost got the kitchen in tip top shape. Weeee…..

Oh, almost forgot – happy epiphany day.

The Indian Runner
The Cooler
51 degrees, mostly cloudy – no rain today.