And so it begins…

And so it begins…

January 2nd, 2005
::52 degrees, light rain::
Parties with friends.
Going out on the town in search of the perfect lounge. Ending up at the most fabulous of dives 6 blocks from my house.
Rain. Cloudy sunshine. More rain.

Realizing that time has flown, but things haven’t changed as much as I have thought – I spent an hour last night installing a program on my computer – every once in a while it asked me to put in the next disc. No, not Windows 95 with the 32 floppy discs, but Warcraft, with 4 CDs. Ah, how things remain the same.

52 weeks in a year. things I want to do every week in 2005 – go to the beach.

Just a week ago I was feeling tired from my first airsoft outing. Yay declan and los. legs were tired and achy. had spent a few hours crawling about on a hillside playing army. Such childlike fun sneaking up on your ‘foes’ before they can see you. Such childlike pain from being hit when they see you first.

A few days spent in the office, acting professional. Escaping to gather with great people and ring in the new year – much happiness and joy. Staying up too late, reading ‘Thunder Run’ and being both impressed and quietly saddened by the facts of life.