Where are they going when they run?

Where are they going when they run?

December 8th, 2004
Current Mood:relaxed
Current Music:- “Fuck George Bush like his Dad” by Todd Snider
Canela has been running after something for the last 5 minutes or so… perhaps just running across the open fields of her youth. just going at a good pace. Blue, on the other hand, apparently was spooked by something, or perhaps launched an attack on an errant tennis ball, also in the fields of her youth. Just as quickly as she jumped up an inch or so off the bed, she’s right back to donut doggin’

Was anyone else just overwhelmed yesterday? A very dark mood and lots of cloud cover. Odd.

So, any hints as to starting the home business, if only for the tax benefits? Figure if I/we get something on paper before the end of the month we get to advertise with the “serving mutant video producers since 2004” tagline without actually lying about it. Think we have a tax dude lined up, but really, all I want is the paperwork, the amount to write the check, and pre-addressed envelopes!! I’m sure there’s a small biz office I need to go visit. Weeeee….

um, cool link of the day:

and also
it’s an italian site, but has english translations – be warned.

and from the other night –
in Absinthe and Women

And there you go. I’m off to poke around MS Publisher – flashbacks to Bethesda, let me tell ya.