1,538 days. One thousand, five hundred and thirty eight days.

1,538 days. One thousand, five hundred and thirty eight days.

November 5th, 2004
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Until King George is merely a drain on the taxpayers, collecting on an ill gotten pension.
Until King George no longer represents all that is horrible in this country – the hate, the bigotry, the hypocrisy. He may make the Morons of America feel better, knowing that there will be no lawfully wedded gays, but frankly I’m a bit more concerned about the terrorists we’re creating every day we drop bombs on the homes of the people we ‘liberated’.

1,123 people. One thousand, one hundred and twenty three people.
Who have died protecting my country. My freedoms. My way of life.
Who aren’t coming home from the war.
Since the 21st of April, 2003, America has lost 1,123 of the most precious resources we have. Brian Matthew Kennedy, a 25 year old from Evanston, Illinois gave his life that day. His life in exchange for his country. For his country’s constitution, for our values, for our morals, and hopefully for the future freedom of the Iraqi people.

btw, I used Jan 20, 2009 as my date of inauguration – not sure if in ’09 thats the day, so it’ll be close to that day…

wow… perhaps I’m getting feisty.