20 years on, things have changed, and yet they’re still the same.

20 years on, things have changed, and yet they’re still the same.

October 11th, 2004
Current Mood:indifferent
Current Music:”All There Is” by Bad Religion
Alicia falls asleep. happy to have my touch, her arms sore from the Canela’s grooming session.
Matt calls, we talk for a while, good to hear his voice. Eagerness to his tone.

The paths we walk on aren’t always maintained, sometimes they’re hidden from view. Sometimes we’re lost in thought, and find ourselves lost on the path. What to do, and where to turn, where to go.

I was watching the 5 hour ‘vote for change’ tour on Sundance when matt called. Made me thing a bit of Live Aid – another marathon rock show to change the world.

Fritz called, and now I have to hope to get the job that might not make me happy, but would employ me, pay me and get me benefits. Sometimes I hide in the shrubs along the path and jump out and scare myself.

Melissa has an EP in the works – no idea what her site looks like, and she’s under the gun to get the job thing going too. Wish I could help more – haven’t even been able to send her a track list of the best tunes… cause why? laziness? patheticness? inability to critique? Focus wallace – focus!

And so the marble spins, and we miss our man of steel. I really thought he’d walk again. I really did.