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September 19th, 2004
Current Mood:predatory – ?
Current Music:nada
Sunday morning. Hopeful. All things can be done, with just the right amount of planning and foresight.
We enjoyed a terrific evening of beer, German food and more beer. Red Lion, over on Glendale in Silverlake. Drove past that place, oh, every other day for about a year. How come I never get to know the cool places until someone else takes me there? I should work on that.

’twas Alex’s b-day celebration. Found out that a ‘beer-cooler’ is a fab way to earn street cred, while not causing that ‘ewwww’ face.If only I had known, how Germany would have loved me. We chatted up with Rebecca and Mitch, teachers of youngin’s, ambassadors for the Olympics, and lovers of pony cars who didn’t know a new one has just arrived. Alicia made new friends with Shannon and Carmen, and a shout out for Nanowrimo.org was shared. Who knows, we all could be bona fide novelists before the year is out.

Though I kept looking for Schwenkbraten on the menu, I actually didn’t know how to spell the word. Ended up with Weisswurst, which didn’t really cut through the mustard as far as taste goes – Alicia’s Chicken schnitzel that was quite tasty. We’ll definitely go back and enjoy all the good stuff.

Visit my site and you’ll see a few highlight pics from my past few weeks. Blue’s new friend Smeee, Carrie and Nate, with Nutmeg when they were camping. Sunsets from said camping excursion. I need to find a program or process that allows me to tag the photos with captions, yet doesn’t need to have all the photos in one place. Adobe Photo Album seems like it could work, I’m just not committed to it yet.

ok production. i’m interpreting that to mean getting things done. Hopefully I’m training myself to keep doing this. We shall see, won’t we?


and my continuing fascination with the kinds of moods you can have. Predatory. Hmmmm….. what’s that mean?