While the CD spins…

While the CD spins…

June 2nd, 2004
I’m burning a disc of crap from my desktop machine in the den. Canella snores gently behind me, making sure I’m ok. In the living room, I am making a VCD of Formula 1 Decade, about a race 10 years ago that devastated the series. Alicia rests her weary bones in the bedroom, with Blue asleep in the kennel.

Melissa and Michelle got married. Fucking eh awesome!!! Gots to send them a present, soon!

I’m pondering a not long enough drive, with real live possible challenges involved. From a weird flick today – what if we didn’t know how strong we were? As if we were giants, and everything weighed the same as a soda can? How would we know? Perhaps that’s what I’m facing – the not knowing for sure. the belief that I’m strong is there – but the proof – ain’t no pudding here!!

A somewhat full and robust moon illuminated Canella and I as we walked the walk of dog owners. The moon, a friend once said, look to the moon, and I will look too!
I’m fearful for my state of mind recently. I’m sure it’s a stage, and I’m feeling a bit better already. Perhaps the moon? Perhaps.

And so an entry, randomly sublime, full of potential and promise. Of good things. Of things that are right and sure.

Have I said recently how lucky I am? Or how awesome Zim is? Or how Gir ROCKS!!!! well, I should speak more often, shouldn’t I?

Be safe and happy where you are. don’t forget to smile. Step boldly, and the world will pause to admire.


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  1. akadashi
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    for you from me

    2004-06-04 08:30 am (local) Select:
    we all look the same,when we get hit by a train-April C 2003

    I am glad it is TGIF.

    I am glad you are over there looking at the moon. We look for it every night and now so does Zachary and I thank you and A for that. I do.

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