See, I DO want to write every day…

See, I DO want to write every day…

February 13th, 2004
Current Mood: okay
Current Music:not u2, oddly enough…
As for the potential ‘signs of the apocalypse’ comment from the other day, dave – let me help you remember this past fall: san diego county burns, LA county smolders, we elect ‘Mr. Freeze’ as our governor, and a freak hail storm dumps 6 inches of snow/slush/hail in C O M P T O N !!!!!!

Apocalypse? I’d WELCOME the apocalypse, sir. Yes I would…

so, i continue to push music, burning them off onto cds – all neat and orderly. did i finish ‘will unplugged’ for vetic? no… update and push my resume to brettster? no… paint kiosks, set up shelves, create a killer powerpoint portfolio? uh… no. truly, a lost thursday. I did read a bit, and watch some tv. and cuddle with the pups – canela especially as we watched CSI.

and I did write a bit – just a bit. odd feeling today, along the path of how canela will occasionally just stop mid stride on her walk… one leg up – odd/confused look on her face – just for a moment, long enough for me to notice the tug at the leash, and stop and look back at her… as if she had forgotten what she was gonna do next. EEEk – i’ve heard of looking like your pets – bad enough, eh? – but acting like them? hmmm….

just two more little entries tonight, and then I call it the end:
1) mattman – rock the fuck on with your bad ass self – secure what is truly and richly deserved. I do hope the chance to write your own ticket is presented and it’s all that you want.
2)anyone who wants to, I’d dearly love a ride – if not ownership – of a McLaren F1. I know they’re kinda expensive, but I was looking at them today, and they look so damn cool. Just, you know, keep it in mind if you happen to stumble over one kinda cheap, ok? thanks.

and that, dear friends, is the end.

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  1. the a-pack-o-lips

    2004-02-13 05:14 am (local) Select:
    It's coming, my friend. Just look at prime time network t.v… The Apprentice, Big Brother, Fear Factor… that's one of the other signs.

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