Eyes are the windows to our souls…

Eyes are the windows to our souls…

February 11th, 2004
Current Mood: optimistic
Current Music:U2 – Walk On, video
…MS Windows is the portal to hell! enough on that subject.

Vacation, dear maddening, is what we all need. from this fucked up country, and from some of our fucked up lives. If only we could get paid to evaluate vacations, eh? “the natural hot springs near Bozeman are really the best in america, having a more pleasant scent than the ones in arkansa. If you can only go to one hot springs this year…. blah blah blah”… wonder who contracts THAT gig out!!!

so, i’m soaking in the groovy goodness that U2 always inspires in me. they are a band that has always been around, ever since i stopped listening to Styx and grew up! (ha ha ha ha). Matt had the ‘War’ cassette from his bro John, and we’d listen to sunday bloody sunday on his alpine deck in his 1st rabbit. or was it his civic? who knows… but ever since then they’ve been in/around/near my soul. So, now that I have their DVD ‘go home’ playing, I’m once again realizing how moving I find them. One nice thing about growing out of the period of life where you might find other’s opinions of what you like or dislike disturbing is that I can accept that good or bad musicians, the music was integral to my live in many ways, and at many times!!! Thus, soaking up and feeling … good? powerful? optimistic? – that someone as goofy looking and not particularly ‘great’ with talent as Bono can go forth and change the world. All I need to do is come up with a stunning nickname, I guess…

As I spoke of the other day, doing the mp3 transfer thing. One potentially painful thing is that the ‘id3’ tags for all the tunes I’ve acquired aren’t completely filled in. So my manager program is prompting me to fill in the specifics – title, artist, stuff like that. which is a good thing, since I want to be able to find the music I have. Except when I’m pushing over 500 tracks in a folder, I find the ‘8% transfered’ notice – this being half an hour in – a little annoying! oh well, that’s what I get for embracing cutting edge technology!! er.. a few years late. yeah. that’s what I meant to say…

So, any suggestions as to what to do with this world we’re living in? In the past few days I’ve been chatting with a co-worker who’s from Iran. It’s one of those great periods where we talk about all sorts of things, life, philosophy, stuff like that.
I mentioned to him my frustration – lifelong at that- of ‘our’ (the US’s) inability to use the potential we have. I referred to the ethiopian famine of the 80’s, when the LiveAid thing happened – how I didn’t understand how we didn’t use our power, that of a strong and able military to deliver the food that we were having our farmers not grow. Stuff like that – the half-truths and assumptions (yeah, Ethiopian gov’t would love to have our biggest military cargo planes land with ‘food’! so young I was…)

He speaks of being beat up cause he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. by his gov’t police. he speaks of the religious leaders who can’t be disapproved of – you don’t like him, you therefore don’t like the religion he stands for, therefore you must be beat/killed.

and thus the crux of the issue, eh? as bad as it is here – a faux democracy, where the powers that be are only looking our for themselves as they use the ‘contract with america’ as so much toilet tissue – it’s not all that bad, is it? Though I wish we all had more, and we were all a bit more happy, I guess I have to just hang on to my true belief that we can all get what we want. So, hugs and heartfelt well wishes to everyone, but especially MnMnZ – wow guys, you all certainly love living on the edge, eh? and to MickeyMatt, dude – perhaps NOW is the time to start taking over the world, eh? Maddening – we’ll vacate again soon, and who knows where you’ll end up – we could make it every other weekend, right? Let’s keep our hope, and forgive that Scott dude for writing so much wack!