catching up on posts…

catching up on posts…

April 16th, 2003
Current Mood: aggravated
Current Music:Don’t Give Up – Gregorian Chant version
10:14pm + 16Apr03 = wednesday evenging

Seems I never posted this short observation –

9:47pm + 03Feb03 = monday evening…

wow- what a weekend, eh? Huh. Not sure what I’m making of it all. I’m sure it’s affecting me more that I want to admit – ask alicia about my calm and befriending manner saturday afternoon. Or matt for that matter. It made me tense – agitated… but not over a specific point. Not a personal thing. Very interesting and odd. So… we ate too much sunday, shoped for things we ‘needed’ and basically tried to carry on. But it’s still with us – we lost heroes we didn’t even know we had.



So. Here I am. Listening to a Gregorian chant version of peter gabriel’s ‘Don’t give up’. Wow. Beautiful.

I’ve been having chats with alicia re: the war effort, reasons to be involved, and what the hell it all means. Same with Justin, too. I’ve got a calendar that superimposes a fist with dollars in it underneath Lady Liberty’s raised arm with torch. the words beneath say “This is what’s important! Real americans want Jobs, not “civil liberties”” – scared yet?

I read of an attempt by Sen. Orin Hatch to pass a resolution removing the ‘sunset clause’ on the patriot act legislation. You know – where we lost our liberties, but only until 2005? Yeah, they don’t see why we need them. Hah… won’t they be surprised, eh? Cause their names are in the Federal Registry – with their votes, their comments, and what they voted for. Oh yeah. Could be an interesting life we lead.

But as Justin introduced me to such a wonderful phrase – the shee-ople (sheep + people) will go along to get along. Just like you and me. Sad, really.

Live continues well here on the Left Coast – the new digs are getting that lived in feel, though unpacking the final few (hundred) boxes is seemingly an endless task. The new motorcycle sits in the driveway awaiting a reassuring weather forecast – yes, mr. wallace is becoming a bit of a pansy, not risking his life and limb just to be a stubborn ‘rebel’ on a motobike. Really, combination of uncertainty with the mechanics, plus inappropriate clothing/costume, leads me to ride about in the Amigo going “you’re such a wuss!!” to myself. How sad. How odd.

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