perchance the first scribbles from LexHaus …

perchance the first scribbles from LexHaus …

December 18th, 2002
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9:30am + 18Dec02 = Wednesday morning

The Adventures With Scottie… Notes from a comfortable spot.

>>I sit here at the dinning room table, watching the laundry go round and round… waiting for the technician to come and install a water line to the fridge. Perhaps I’ll get a slice of pizza from said fridge and nuke it – or heat it in the oven.

A comfortable spot.

A good life. isn’t that what we all want? well, currently, it’s all good. The new job is good – I like going to it. The new place, though no longer the Valhalla it was before the petty thievery, is still wonderful. it’s feeling more and more relaxing as the days go by – things like when I went to move my Amigo due to street cleaning, and then I went to move it again since I was in a 1 hour parking spot; as I wondered how long the street cleaning side restriction lasted, it dawned on me – hey dummy, park in the PARKING SPOT!!! Too cool.

It’s been an interesting few weeks here. I’m calling the place LexHaus – but alicia hasn’t signed off on the nickname… she had her accident, my bikes go walking away… power outages, water rising in the street. All pretty harmless, frankly. Oh – the ‘suspicious package’ we came home to the first week – turned out to be just a gas can – but the shiny clothes that were piled on top of it. how odd. Alicia enjoyed the fire department’s response to the incident though. Interesting it definitely is. I think we’ll do just fine.

Thus, we get to the holidays. and don’t we always get to the holidays?

I do hope …
no. I don’t hope. I’m pretty cynical these days – trying to find a good ‘anti-war’ poster I can put my faith behind, but really, I’m pretty scared of where america is rushing too. Not a comfortable place – unless you happen to be part of the ruling elite, I guess. I do hope we all have friends and family we love and who are close – or at least in contact with – over the holidays. I’m sure there will be heart warming and heart wrenching stories, just like there always is this time of the year…

ok. go look at the new pictures {{/dec pic/index.html}} on my site – a few from the past few months. more on the way – the new place has good net and I can FTP from it. Yay!!

keep in touch, please. it’s all really about the people and the experiences – all the tech in the world can’t replace that.

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