living a little – and loving it!!!

living a little – and loving it!!!

July 2nd, 2002
I listen to Neko Case speak of fixing her hair to look ‘purty’.
I write to my sis to look at my site to see my pix from the Honda Hoot.
I send my girl pictures to make her cry HAPPY tears, which taste exactly the same as sad tears, but I have hopes it’ll be a ‘good thing’ in the end.

and I update my journal, ever so… cautiously? what the hell would the difference be between this form of publication and my T.A.W.S(&a!) missives be?

Who knows? Who cares?

Living a little. Fred sure didn’t know the meaning of ‘little’ – how about him greeting us at 3am when we pulled in for the first time? on Dec 30. It was 17 degrees out (if that!!!) – all he wanted, after he saw that there were people in his driveway, was to play. came back with a dog rope to play with!! well, Fred, run free and keep making people happy where ever you may be.

Don’t forget to celebrate your independence this week. Very important thing to do.

motorcycles. music. friends. friends mean a lot. keep them close. tell them they mean a lot to you.