Learning to crawl – 005

This effort is interesting – it’s the summation of decades of my internal voice now being expressed and captured. Shared, even.

Scary stuff. So very odd. But as I noted today perhaps that’s because I’m learning to crawl. Crawling along the floor of the Creator’s room, poking outlets with my somewhat out of control fingers. Wonder what’s gonna happen!

I sat at home tonight, catching up on a few of the channels I follow. I scrolled through my subscription ‘latest updates’ page – certainly felt out of my league. People know how to do stuff, and can make great videos sharing that. Me? Well … uh. Yeah. Not so sure about anything at the moment. Do know I love my kid, my wife’s amazing, and I have an incredibly supportive Blood. So that’s all good news.

I just have to believe that I’ll be walking in no time.

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::

A 4th, facing the stars

So, I did it. Totally not freaking out. Well, maybe a little. I suspect however that like a few other critical junctures in my life I’ll have few repercussions that are of the magnitude I fear. C’est la vie, eh?

Now, there seems to be a need for any number of ‘bettering’ actions. Um, having a clue – having the ability to make the video useable. Oh – smooth edits.

Alas those will come, and I will practice in public until then.

I was happy to include as part of my guiding stars good sir Jim. I recall stumbling upon his essay at Stonekettle Station on shootings in America. He kinda nails it.

Sadly, he keeps nailing it. So fucking horrific, and no interest in making the effort let alone the actual work to change the world we live in.

Ok – I figure if I keep both sides – words+pictures & moving pictures+voice I should, in just a matter of months, have lots of ‘stuff’ out there. Wish me luck!

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::

003 Fast clouds

Sure – I can blog – words are not hard for me, and occasionally they’re pretty alright. Nearing ‘decent’ at times. Honest.

This – this! – this is harder though. What am I doing? Creating? Like an artist? Naw … that’s not what I do. Well, except the photographs. Sometimes.

I reviewed the amazing effort Boo put in this past summer – just damn.

I ponder the efforts to work harder, and to enjoy the pursuit. Hell, even looking with four eyes I see both what I’d like to obtain – comfort, assurance, joy – and see that it’s a bit of the natural and a bit of the hustle that I worry I don’t possess. But it’s a new venture – nothing ventured nothing gained.

And as it was pointed (pointedly) out this past weekend – hey, Rumbly! (did I hear a ‘you fucker’ in there? maybe; probably. I certainly deserved it)

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::