‘you know what to do, catastrophe crew!’ say the evil pups, even in January

‘you know what to do, catastrophe crew!’ say the evil pups, even in January

the steady sky above changes all the time

//03:41p+30Jan21=Saturday afternoon || the audio of kids shows can be … interesting.//

so we limber up before the big performance. we also adapt and – well to be honest, end up with a specific plan/project for the day! – deal with new information. that shelf was not gonna hold up much longer, ergo let’s sift through the stuff on the shelf, shall we?

and in doing such maintenance on the oh so important things on the shelf I DID find a few notebooks with perhaps a plan, or a plot, or an idea that could be a plan, or a plot. So – yay unexpected entropy leading to a solid place to stand. All I have to do is take the lies and make them true. Or at least that’s how the song goes, right?

funky patterns on our crepe myrtles. c. Jan ’16, hobbit house

progress began with Adrienne’s grand design, and part of the whole big picture will be the removal of most of our crepe myrtles. we certainly have feels about all of it – can’t wait to see the transformation, and most definitely want Adrienne & C. to be happy and calm and peaceful – pretty sure that’s gonna happen. but first – changes.

//5:03p – a tea bag quotes Janis “Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got” – I visit YouTube, autocomplete offers me ‘Piece of My Heart’ as the first song choice, and from the first page of results I go with ‘Piece of My Heart (live Grona Lund 1969)‘ – because I’m alright with contrived journeys to find better, more, more deeply seated, and in whole a more grand concept of one’s self.//

“you know you’ve got it, child / if it makes you feel good” – such wise words… Boo gets me to find a cover of “Me & Bobby McGee”, performed by Pink, in 2003, for AOL Sessions. “La la laa la daada Bobby McGee-ah yeah” – additionally more wise words!

//11:23p – um a new YouTube channel I’ll have to binge thru – Julie Nolke – she makes funny stuff.

So here I am once more – muddling thru, not quite getting it solid. But I’m here, eh? Think I’ll give the ‘everyday because you can!!’ focus a shot come Monday; who knows – 714th time is the charm!!!

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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  1. Ahhh… ch ch ch ch changes… sorry to learn you’ll lose the crepe myrtles – but perhaps an opportunity for something new?

    I so love the cloud videos… each is a unique gift, I feel my chest expanding as I watch, wonder what it would be like to spend an entire day watching in real time… hmmm – life goals 🥰

    Carol W.

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