mis-taken creativity, oddly in may

doggo luvs PB & fire trucks 🙂

so we try, once more, to go forward by looking backwards. you would think I’d learn by now.

below are thoughts jotted down months ago. probably need to embrace the fact that drafts are ok – that it’s practice, and it isn’t supposed to be perfect.

the issue is … just practice HAS to be ‘good enough’ because otherwise I’ll have nothing to share. quite the pickle, eh?

inside ghouls & outside miracles

this the full moon – 50 years on from ‘going to the Moon’ becoming something we do. I think of my dad, of trips thru dark nights, of boyish fantasies & late 70s broadcast programming – shall we be Buck? or perhaps Appolo? then there was the space garbage scow – Quark I think?

space was full of awesome & fabulousness. or maybe that’s what the boy saw. I wonder what Rumbly will see when he’s 8 years old. guess I’ll have to ask “what’s on your mind, kiddo?’ that and try to be a light in the darkness.


//12:59a+16aug2019=Friday, barely|echoes of the theme of ‘Magnum, P.I.’//

+++from back in May+++

‘What’s on your mind?’ the prompt reads.
A john cleese attributed quote on most effective restriction of creativity is fear of making a mistake.
which, obvs, isn’t an issue with the Wallace clan now is it?!


//1403+13May2019=monday afternoon || the brothers green speak to learning names //

Oddly in August a wonderful request – ‘let it remind you what was in their heart’

above the trees

“it’s not dark yet / but it’s getting there” sings Bob over the closing credits.

what was it for? – a timeless question on the actions of the American gov’t and those who steer our course.

Of having pride – and of having shame. A proud man can have shame too.

‘strangers showed up with food, and the kids slept in the gym at the school’ – well how fucking great are we now?

A reminder, perhaps, of what is in their heart – what will be the reminder of what was in my heart, though?

such a great day

I guess that can work.

:: s ::
| Respice ad diem hanc |

“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”


//02:12a+9Aug2019= early on a Friday, feeling the feels || levon helms ‘wide river to cross’ at the funeral scene of The Last Flag Flying//

Even in August conversing with Blood is wonderful

above our heads in front of our eyes

From blood – “Do tell me about Esther day and hank & John – how’d you come across this lovely tradition?

Ah the internet. It’s perhaps ‘the sad machine’ but it is also an amazing place to find amazing things.

The original point of intersection with the Brothers Green … it’s not jumping up to the forefront of my consciousness. I’m sure it was a link from a link about a cool thing cool people were doing – was it John’s Night of Awesome at Carnegie Hall – John Green, John Darnielle, Kimya Dawson and others? perhaps.

“Don’t forget to be awesome” is the catch phrase – John & Hank Green seem to be fabulous people – that the Vlogbrothers use to sign off from any of the amazing variety of videos they’ve put on on the interwebz. They’ve given us foolishness, they’ve given us strangeness, and they’ve given us Crash Course, The Project for Awesome, a better understanding of the News from mars, a compendium of dubious advice, and the visceral thrill of following the third tier of English football league via the ups and downs of AFC Wimbledon.

I really wish I could share from my heart the truth about Esther Day – sadly I can’t. So click on thru, see a decade younger John and read the transcript and blame the dust from the bathroom renos for the watery eyes.

’cause as a jaded seen so much been so many places done lots and more … it seems that the answers to most of the adult human condition pangs might lie in the hearts and souls of kids. fuckin’ kids.

‘We’re gonna celebrate your birthday in perpetuity – what shall the theme be?’
‘family & love’ – from a 16 year old who was dying.

fuckin’ kids …

Love is universal. Family is universal. How we get from one to the other, what one makes you think of the other, well – I certainly feel lucky in that I recall love in our  home. I recall the hallmark platitudes … and as far as my memory replays we had a decent level of both family strife & joy.

How did we learn about love? How do you learn about love? How is love folded into the relationship we call ‘family’- I know I’ve loved people not related to my family as strongly as I have loved those who are family. It’s both exceptionally easy – ‘we’re family!’ – and so so so complicated. ‘we’re family?’

So perhaps I’ll take a plunge into the videos John and Hank have crafted over the last ten years, re-watch Hank’s vid from the other day. His note on traditions and how to embrace and make them your own.

Ok – this is going up now – a minute late but a few dollars short!


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| Respice ad diem hanc |

“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

||10:20pm+4Aug2019=Sunday eve|Trueblood season 1 … the sex, the death, the set dressing!||

even in Jun I like to write posts and forget about them…

shades of sunshine

such amazing things these children – must be careful to let them grow to unimaginable awesomeness!

||>- and then even in August and I’ll try to make things better by sharing what pithy comments I’ve accidentally captured.


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| Respice ad diem hanc |

“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//9:21p+8jun2019= sat Eve|kids in the midst of bedtime routines//

even in June I believe in double rainbows

||>- a draft I’ve had in waiting since the end of June. I have no idea what nebulousness I was going to pontificate on, but I will say – even in August – I believe in double rainbows. Just ask the cloud captain!

Oh – and go watch Sara & Duck. It’s sweet, smart, charming.

Quite a nice show.

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| Respice ad diem hanc | “Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

|2;11p+30Jun2019 = Sunday||Sarah & duck|