quiet Sunday reflections, even in June

definitely an area I’m looking forward to

trying to remember, trying to recall, what truly impacted me versus the stories we tell versus unobjectionable truth.

it’s that odd time where I can reflect both on my past and, oddly, my future.

may I form a memory of love, kindness, support, trust –  even in June. :s:

//926a+16jun2019=Sunday morn | the fans blow as a child rests, a bagel is munched//

a rainy Sat morning, even in June

they have another brick in the wall on this album – wtf?

the power of technology – I’m dictating this entry from my phone while watching my kid play in our middle room.

The deluge from this morning’s storm caused a beautiful waterfall outside the big window, fortunately that means I should go fix the gutters. but this also means I have no excuse for not crafting posts.

I wonder if in my youth I would have not questioned whether a motorcycle oriented podcast crafted from my own so brilliant and witty thoughts would be a success, but now I question anything and everything I can think of possibly attempting. what a shitty stage in my life.

a new week, a new set up at The Fruit!

though I didn’t stick around for the techno dance party last night I did look into the celeb DJ’s hit ‘sandstorm‘ – it’s been watched on YouTube 115 million times! fairly impressive – & also yay durhamtown!!

well – this was (like everything else I guess) just a test of the emergency content creation system – had this been a real blog post I would have waxed nostalgic at least once, & probably shared a bit on how I’m feeling amazing watching my kid while feeling terrified & paralyzed watching my kid – perhaps next time eh?

ciao, from durhamtown. the Bull City!


//8:59a+8Jun2019= Sat morn || all the rain, the dishwasher, the happy noises of a 25mo, a wonderful moment, truly//

Right beside me crumbled bits of the past, even in June

simple, respectful. Miss ya old man.

Used to be able to write copious words saying nothing. Tonight … can’t seem to find the rhythm to it. That’s fine – ask me about Rumbly’s sleeping efforts this past week.

My sister sent this to me over the weekend. I think about him a bit, as I do, often – say his birthday the other week (great pics from his 75th), when the moon is full, when Rumbly says ‘daddy’ (!!!!!!!!!!). He was a quiet and stable part of my life – simple. I know I missed finding the true ‘Bob’ but I fear that’s part of my M.O. – not a good part, sadly.

Bits of the past have been stuck in my craw for the past half year – every day I run into the ‘wait – no, that was just weird. Gah – how fucking strange was I?’ and I am distracted, diverted, losing momentum on my race to find a stable place to lift up my incredible luck. For all of my love for the anchors of my past some foundations are shaken, crumbling. Luckily we are judged in the here and now.

perhaps a very true true – family is good

I sit at a computer, listening to Amazon originals, looking at the grave marker of my dad and then a picture of Boo and her dad – and I have no idea how I get from here to there. Great thing is I get to walk the path and find out how it goes.

s ::
| Respice ad diem hanc |

“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//9:46p+04Jun2019=Tues night || echoes of Amanda from earlier, with cheryl, on keXp//